Cannabis is now legal in California

The New Year should have a special scent as different states and countries, including Canada, will legalize recreational cannabis in 2018. California opened the show on Monday.

Queues of customers appeared very early, on January 1, while Californians can legally obtain cannabis for the first time for recreational purposes.

After Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Nevada, California becomes the sixth US state to legalize cannabis. The most populous state in the United States opens the door to the largest regulated market of its kind.

According to many experts, the cannabis market in California will generate billions of dollars annually and is expected to generate at least C $ 1.26 billion in tax revenues.

Buyers must be over 21 years of age and must show a driver’s license or identification, even if they are from a state where they remain prohibited. They leave with a sealed opaque white bag.

Still, finding a shop that sells non-medicinal cannabis in California will remain rather complicated.

Only 90 licenses have been granted, mainly in the San Diego, Santa Cruz and Palm Springs areas.

The cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco are currently excluded, municipal laws have not yet been amended to allow the sale.

The states of Maine and Massachusetts are expected to follow the example of California in 2018.

Canada, for its part, intends to legalize the recreational use of cannabis in July 2018.

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