Guatemala ends search for missing people after eruption of Fuego volcano

Guatemalan authorities on Sunday closed the search for nearly 200 people buried by the violent eruption of the Fuego volcano in early June, which killed at least 110 people.

“It was decided that the research actions are definitely stopped in the communities of San Miguel Los Lotes and El Rodeo […] And the area has been declared uninhabitable,” Civil Protection told reporters.

Searches have been suspended since Friday afternoon due to poor weather conditions.

The rescue of the missing among the tons of debris was made very difficult because of the continuous activity of the volcano and the heavy rains which touched the affected area and caused torrents of mud.

Since the eruption of the Fuego volcano on 3 June, 110 people have been killed, 197 have been reported missing and 3617 people are being sheltered in 17 shelters, according to official data.

Civil protection also said Sunday the volcano has generated 4 to 5 weak explosions per hour, which expels columns of gray ash up to 1,000 meters above the 3763-meter high colossus crater located 35 km away. southwest of the capital.

The volcanoes of Pacaya and Santiaguito, also active in Guatemala, have increased their fury in recent days and require residents and authorities to maintain the state of alert, according to a report from the Institute of Volcanology.

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