Boys in Thailand Cave Finally got Recused by Navy Seals

The world’s largest rescue operation, successfully run by Thai Navy Seals on Tuesday in Thailand , has been successfully completed. All 12 children and their coaches of the Wild Boar team have been admitted to the hospital.

Due to being trapped in a dark cave filled with water in more than two weeks, the weight of children and coaches has been reduced. Their body lacks oxygen. They are being provided other necessary treatment including oxygen in the hospital.

The Thai administration has released a video showing the children admitted to the hospital. These children are applauding everyone by joining hands and shaking hands and thanking them for saving them.

In one video, the hospital staff is shown, who are crying on seeing the condition of these children. These videos are being watched and loved all over the world. This is the first video in which children are being shown. On this operation ended yesterday, Thailand was celebrated as a festival. The whole world has expressed happiness on the success of this operation.

On June 23, 12 players from Thailand’s Under-19 team ‘Wild Boar’ were trapped in a deep cave due to heavy rains, including their coach Ekapol. Due to continuous rain, the cave started flooding, and the children kept going inside the cave to avoid water. In this way these children went for about 4 kilometers inside the cave. Oxygen was also reduced in tight dark and watery cave.

The Thai Navy Seal, along with the rescue team from many countries, started the operation to secure the children. Coaches and children were taken safely during the operation for several days. During this, a diver was also killed due to suffocation in the cave, But finally all the kids have been rescued.

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