New Storm To Mark End of Drought In California, Southwestern U.S

New Storm To Mark End of Drought In California, Southwestern U.S

After a long break from storms, another storm from the Pacific will eye California and a great part of the Southwest amid the center to end of the current week. While a long way from a number of storms of this past winter, this storm will bring sufficient rainfall and snowfall to slow down travel and affecting outdoor activities.

The initial showers linked to the storm reached California amid late Tuesday night. The majority of the rainfall will happen in the Golden State amid Wednesday as showers spread into Nevada and some parts of Arizona and Utah. During Wednesday night and Thursday, showers will reduce over California, however, rainfall and mountain snow will increase more toward the east over places of Colorado and New Mexico.

Rainfall will by range from 0.10 of an inch to 1.50 inches across California and the Southwest. It is possible that a portion of the elevation of the mountains may get 2-3 inches at a localized level. Also, recently the warmth has started to melt away a portion of the snow in the mountains at the middle of the intermediate elevations.

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