Massive Sunfish Washes Up On A Beach In Australia

Massive Sunfish Washes Up On A Beach In Australia

Photos of a giant, odd-looking fish have gone viral after it appeared on a beach in South Australia. It is recognized as a sea sunfish by specialists, the 1.8m (6ft)- long fish was first spotted by a group of fisherman living nearby the beach. At the first glace, they confused it with a vast piece of driftwood, said Linette Grzelak who posted photos of the fish on Facebook.

“I didn’t assume it was genuine until I Googled sunfish,” she told. Her partner, Steven Jones has worked as a fisherman for quite a long time so “he knew which fish it was but he had never seen one in real life”, she said.

“When they took the photographs of the fish. He said it was very heavy and the skin was leathery and rough like a rhinoceros.” The fish was found at Coorong National Park, 80km (50 miles) south of the city of Adelaide. It’s assumed to have later washed once again into the sea, Ms. Grzelak said.

Sea sunfish, or mola, is the world’s heaviest fish species and can be found in calm marine waters, as indicated by the Fishes of Australia database. Their features include a huge, blunt head, a little mouth, and long dorsal and anal fins.

According to One expert, the fish gave off an impression of being a little fish of its species, which can develop over 4m (13ft) tall and gauge more than 2.5 tons (2,500kg). “It’s presumably a normal measured one, they can get about twice as large as that,” Ralph Foster from the South Australian Museum told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The species are not dangerous to individuals, but often times they are confused with sharks when they swim inshore says the Australian Museum. In Australia, they have been known to harm the boats because of their giant size.

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