Western Afghanistan Flash Floods: Kills 32 People, Destroys Homes

Western Afghanistan Flash Floods: Kills 32 People, Destroys Homes

Flash floods have killed no less than 32 individuals in western Afghanistan, destroyed homes and cleared makeshift shelters that kept dislodged families, an administration official said on Saturday. Flooding brought about by substantial rainfall began spreading on Thursday and left a trail of decimation crosswise over seven regions, said Hasibullah Shir Khani, a representative for Afghanistan’s National Disaster Management Authority.

Another 12 individuals were absent and in excess of 700 houses were wrecked or seriously harmed, he included. The floods compound an effectively desperate circumstance. A huge number of individuals were uprooted in the district by last year’s serious dry spell and the 17-year-long war with the Taliban.

Floods toward the beginning of March brought on additional destruction and put the current year’s wheat harvest in danger. Floods have destroyed several homes, some notable destinations, a great many sections of land of the farm, historic sites and highways, said Jilani Farhad, a representative for the region.

Floods are a typical event in Afghanistan, in spite of the fact that not more often than not this serious. The nation has a little system, for example, trench and sewers, to oversee water run-off from rainfall or dissolving snow. There is immense destruction brought about by floods,” said Ahmad Jawed Nadem, head of refugees and repatriation for Herat. In one territory, he said he saw in excess of 200 destroyed houses.

In Herat alone, eight individuals were killed, said Dr. Abdul Hakim Tamana, head of the public health of the region.

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