After 6 Months of Examination, World’s Biggest Buddha Statue Opens to Tourists

After 6 Months of Examination, World’s Biggest Buddha Statue Opens to Tourists

A giant 71-meter Buddha statue claimed to be the world’s biggest, has been open to visitors in southwest China’s Sichuan region after experiencing a six-month examination as a major aspect of its fix plan. Cut into a bluff in Leshan Mountain and converging three uniting waterways, the statue was worked over a 90-year time frame beginning in the year 713 during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Buddhism, which originated from India remained a predominant religion in China. The statue, which sits outside the city of Leshan, had created cracks and some damage on its main body, as indicated by the management committee of the Leshan Buddha to the scenic region.

It was opened to vacationers on Friday following a six-month examination which began in October and finished in March. During the examination, the primary body of the statue was totally or halfway secured. The examination included the use of cutting-edge innovation, for example, 3D laser scanning, and high-density resistivity techniques, state-run Xinhua news organization revealed.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization-listed world cultural heritage, the statue has experienced a few fixes and checks, the report said.

In 2001, a task was led to clean the body, concrete rock structures, retouch cracks and for drainage pipes, which cost 250 million yuan (USD 37.1 million). In 2007, the statue got another facelift to fix harm brought about by acid rain.

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