Sri Lanka Puts Ban on Face Covering For Safety of People After Attacks

Sri Lanka Puts Ban on Face Covering For Safety of People After Attacks

Any Face covering is considered as “a safety hazard,” Sri Lanka’s president is prohibiting the piece of clothing covering the face by ladies. The move pursues a progression of bombings on Easter Sunday that killed in excess of 250 individuals and injured no less than 500 in Sri Lankan holy places and inns.

President Maithripala Sirisena took this choice to additionally support the continuous security and help the military to effectively recognize the personality of any needed culprits, as per a public statement from the president’s office.

The boycott becomes effective Monday. Police think the National Tawheed Jamath, a nearby radical group, might be behind the Easter bombings, however, ISIS has guaranteed obligation. A connection between the bombers and the dread group has not been demonstrated. The nation is still on high alarm seven days after the bomb blasts, with admonitions that more savagery could be approaching.

On Friday night, 10 regular folks, including six youngsters, were killed alongside six presumed fear mongers after a shootout among police and declared attackers.

Many Sri Lankan hotels supposedly have prohibited facial covers after the blasts. A burqa is a piece of clothing that covers the whole body, with work over the eyes.

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