Berlin Parks Approves ‘Pink Zone Areas’ For Drug Dealers

Berlin Parks Approves ‘Pink Zone Areas’ For Drug Dealers

Drug dealers in Berlin are to be given assigned spaces in a downtown area park to complete exchanges, prompting analysis that experts have yielded to groups of criminals. For a considerable length of time, there has been warmed discussion about Görlitzer Park, a mainstream meeting point in the popular southern Berlin region of Kreuzberg, which has been drawing in a consistently expanding number of drug dealers. Neighborhood individuals said they were hesitant to give kids and pets a chance to roam freely there.

After a number of repeated events by police to clear the dealers failed, the recreation center director pronounced regions where they ought to be permitted to work, distinguished by spray painted pink boxes. Cengiz Demirci said the pink zones would imply that guests to the park – referred to locally as Görli – was never again threatened by drug dealers, regularly men working in packs, who crowd the entrance.

Demirci said a significantly more successful solution would be if specialists gave the sellers work grants. Most of them are shelter searchers who are not permitted to work while trusting that their cases will be prepared.

Police chief criticized the move. What is expected to guarantee that the park is drug and crime free, is a consistent police nearness and legal purpose. In April, Berlin’s inside pastor, Frank Henkel, proclaimed that experts would in future embrace a “zero tolerance” demeanor towards drug dealers in Görlitzer Park, yet nearby inhabitants asserted that nothing had changed from that point forward. On Thursday they said that none of the dealers were following the new guidelines.

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