Colombia Filmmaker Shot Dead Making Film on Violence

Colombia Filmmaker Shot Dead Making Film on Violence

A Colombian movie maker has been shot dead while creating a documentary on the victims of violence in the north-east of the nation, as reported by the officials.

Mauricio Lezama was carrying out interviews in the town of Arauquita, in Arauca department, when he was shot, Governor Ricardo Arévalo said. Mr. Arévalo accused splinter individuals from the FARC rebel bunch who have rejected a peace deal signed in 2016. Arauca is known as a center of drug dealing and smuggling.

Mr. Lezama was dealing with a documentary entitled Mayo, about a medical attendant killed in the area during Colombia’s armed conflict. The shooters arrived on a motorbike at about 15:30 local time (20:30 GMT) on Thursday, shot Mr. Lezama on numerous occasions and fled, local media revealed.

Governor Arévalo said it was thought the presumes associated Mr. Lezama with being a witness. A man who was working with the movie producer was harmed.

Mr. Lezama, who additionally worked at Arauca’s cultural division, had gotten financing for the documentary from Proimágenes Colombia, a film development venture. On Twitter, the group condemned “all forms of violence and expressed condolences.”
The deal between FARC rebels and the Colombian government put a conclusion to a 52-year old conflict which killed around 260,000 individuals.

Be that as it may, there are an expected 1,700 Farc dissenters in Arauca department, on the outskirt with Venezuela, just as National Liberation Army (ELN) fighters – the last guerrilla group still dynamic and active in Colombia, the AFP news agency reported.

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