Southern Texas Received 600% More Rainfall Than Ever In Early May

Southern Texas Received 600% More Rainfall Than Ever In Early May

Houston may have seen a brief break in rainfall yet another round of rainstorms and showers will pound Houston early Saturday morning through early afternoon, CNN Meteorologist Derek Van Dam said. With all the heavy rainfall, there’s potential for blaze flooding in zones where the ground is as of now wet, as per the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center. There’s a moderate danger of intemperate flooding for southeastern Texas and parts of Louisiana on Saturday, according to the center. The Upper Texas Coast and the Gulf Coast of western Louisiana have gotten Heavy Rainfall in the previous week, 300-600% of normal rainfall in that time frame.

The region has seen storms moving over a similar area for a considerable length of time at once – known as preparing – Van Dam said. Houstonians will see up to 3 inches of rainfall on Saturday, and regions influenced by the storm may see heavier rains with up to 5 inches.

Throughout the end of the week, the storm will move eastbound toward Alabama and the southern Appalachians, Van Dam said. As the storm moves east, groups of storms could deliver progressively flash flood dangers, the center said.

The Harris County Flood Control District cautioned low-lying streets might be affected by water coming out of the San Jacinto River – which has crested and is presently falling – at US 59.

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