Save the Sharks: A Woman’s Mission to Save Hammerhead Sharks

Save the Sharks_ A Woman’s Mission to Save Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerhead sharks are something of an oddity in the set of all animals, with their prolonged heads and pinprick eyes. Of the nine known species, a few are jeopardized, including the scalloped hammerhead, which is found off the Pacific shore of Costa Rica.

In spite of dangers from overfishing and the shark blade exchange, in numerous territories of the sea, there are no angling limitations for hammerheads, in spite of the fact that there are Regulations on universal exchange. The scalloped hammerhead is in decrease, as indicated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature – IUCN.

Ilena Zanella is the co-founder of the non-benefit association, Misión Tiburón, which is crusading for better assurance for the shark. Ileana Zanella as of late won a Whitley Award for her preservation work. She says she will utilize the honor to show signs of improvement assurance for the hammerhead shark.

In light of research by her group, the tropical fjord of Golfo Dulce in Costa Rica has proclaimed a shark haven a year ago, including a huge no-take zone. The gulf is a pivotal nursery ground for the hammerhead. She would like to have convinced the world to set up better assurance for the inquisitive shark.

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