Woman Wakes up Alone in Parked Plane After Falling Asleep During Flight

Woman Wakes up Alone in Parked Plane After Falling Asleep During Flight

A woman has said that she was left on an Air Canada plane as she nodded off during a flight. Tiffani Adams said she nodded off while flying from Quebec to Toronto on 9 June. When she woke up, she was very cold and still fastened to her seat, yet the airplane was parked.

She has been terrified since the incident happened to her. Air Canada has affirmed the incident happened and has been investigating for the same. Ms. Adams revealed on Facebook that she woke up around midnight, a couple of hours after the flight landed, she was cold and still in her seat.

She said the experience was “terrifying”.

Ms. Adams figured out how to call her friend Deanna Dale to let her know where she was but her phone was dead not exactly a minute into the call. She was unable to charge her phone as the plane had been closed down.

Ms. Dale called Toronto Pearson Airport and let them know of Ms. Adams’ whereabouts.
While she was ready, Ms. Adams figured out how to find a torch in the cockpit of the plane and endeavored to draw in attention. She was found by a truck administrator who she guaranteed was shocked as well.

Ms. Adams said that Air Canada staff offered her a limousine and a hotel yet she declined, needing to return home as fast as she could. She included that officials from Air Canada had called her twice after the incident and apologized.

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