Europe Heatwave: Bordeaux has hit its highest temperature since records began

Europe Heatwave_ Bordeaux has hit its highest temperature since records began

The French city of Bordeaux has hit its highest temperature since records started, as Western Europe props for the second heatwave to hit this mid-year.

On Tuesday, Meteo France enrolled 41.2C (106.1F) in the south-western city, breaking a 2003 record of 40.7C. Forecasters foresee a record-breaking keep running crosswise over Europe this week, including Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

A World Meteorological Organization representative said the heatwaves bore “the sign of environmental change”. Parts of France have been issued with an orange alarm – the second most strange amount of caution.

Meteo France said Paris temperatures may hit new highs on Thursday. The record, set in 1947, remains at 40.4C. Correlations have been attracted to a heatwave France experienced in August 2003, during which warmth added to right around 15,000 passings.

The French climate administration has announced temperatures of 42C in territories of the south-west. It is normal the warmth won’t plunge beneath 20C for the remaining of the week.

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