Texas Shooting: Shooting in Walmart in Texas kills 20

Texas Shooting_ Shooting in Walmart in Texas kills 20

A shooting at the Walmart store in Texas, the United States that left 20 dead is being researched as domestic terrorism, authorities state. A 21-year-old white man was captured at the area of the attack in the city of El Paso, close to the US-Mexico border.

He is accepted to have posted an online report considering the attack a reaction to “the Hispanic invasion of Texas.”

Police on Sunday said he had been accused of capital murder, which means he could confront capital punishment. US President Donald Trump has said “perhaps more has to be done” to counteract mass shootings following the El Paso attack and another in Ohio 13 hours after the fact in which nine individuals, including the shooter’s sister, were killed.

In any case, Critics contend that the underlying foundations of the two attack lie in the president’s word about workers and Mexicans specifically, and his resistance to gun control.

The El Paso shooter opened fire on a crowded Walmart on Saturday with an attack style rifle and gave up subsequent to being defied by cops outside the store. Twenty-six individuals were harmed in the shooting.

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