Walmart Panic Caused by a Man Testing Gun Rights

Walmart Panic Caused by a Man Testing Gun Rights

A man who started panic by strolling into a Walmart with a rifle and body protective layer told police he was trying his rights to carry weapons out in the open. Dmitriy Andreychenko entered the shop intensely equipped, days after a mass taking shots at another of Walmart’s stores.

He explained that He needed to know whether Walmart regarded the subsequent change.
Examiners have accused him of making a psychological militant danger. Whenever found blameworthy, the charge could bring about a four-year jail sentence and a fine of $10,000 (£8,300), Greene County examiner Dan Patterson said in an announcement.

On 8 August, Mr. Andreychenko entered the store with an AR-style rifle threw over his chest, police stated, wearing a ballistic vest and recording himself. Both the rifle and a handgun he conveyed were stacked.

He told police he didn’t expect the response that he created. Days prior, 20 individuals had been killed in a Walmart in El Paso by a shooter conveying a programmed rifle.

The police proclamation likewise uncovered that his better half, Angelica, had let him know, it was anything but a bad thought. She revealed to him that people were going to pay attention to this because of ongoing events but still he went ahead.

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