Indonesia’s Capital City Is Not the Only One Sinking

Indonesia’s Capital City Is Not the Only One Sinking

Indonesia has said the nation would move its capital city, partially in light of the fact that it’s sinking into the Java Sea. Jakarta is one of the quickest sinking urban communities on the planet, as per the World Economic Forum, because of rising ocean levels and the over-extraction of groundwater. In any case, it isn’t the main city in a difficult situation. Here’s a glance at some others that are likewise in danger.


Houston has been sinking for quite a long time and, similar to Jakarta, the over-extraction of groundwater is incomplete to a fault. The Houston Chronicle announced that pieces of Harris County, which contains Houston, have sunk somewhere in the range of 10 and 12 feet since the 1920s, as indicated by information from the US Geological Survey. Zones have kept on falling as much as 2 inches for every year, a sum that can rapidly include.


The city of Lagos sits on the bank of Nigeria, built halfway on the territory, somewhat on some adjacent islands. It’s likewise Africa’s most crowded city. Its topography makes Lagos particularly inclined to flooding, and the coastline has just been dissolving. As ocean levels ascend because of a worldwide temperature alteration, the city is progressively in danger.

New Orleans

As of late as the 1930s, only 33% of New Orleans was beneath ocean level. At the point when Katrina hit in 2005, that number went up to half. The city is helpless against rising ocean levels since it was based on free soil and was situated so near on the coast. Joined with its sinking – researchers have observed it fall at a pace of 1 centimeter a year.


An examination from 2016 demonstrated that Beijing is sinking by as much as 4 creeps in certain regions every year. Specialists said the reason for the sinking was draining groundwater, like the circumstance in Jakarta and Houston. Beijing, which is certifiably not a beachfront city, depends intensely on groundwater as its principle wellspring of water. The water has been gathering over numerous years, however, its extraction has evaporated the dirt and made it conservative – prompting the sinking.

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