Orangutan with Human Rights is Set to Begin New Life in Florida

Orangutan with Human Rights is Set to Begin New Life in Florida

An orangutan that went through 20 years in an Argentine zoo is being moved to a US animal sanctuary subsequent to being conceded indistinguishable lawful rights from people.

Attorneys won a landmark appeal for Sandra in 2014, contending she was being kept in Buenos Aires unlawfully. The decision saw her as Argentina’s first “nonhuman person, with the right to liberty”.

The 33-year-old landed in Kansas on Friday and will experience tests before moving to her new home in Florida. Sandra was born in an East German zoo and offered to Buenos Aires in 1995.

The orangutan went through quite a bit of her time alone in a fenced-in area and consistently attempted to maintain a strategic distance from people in general. She had a little girl in 1999, yet the child was detracted from her and offered to a creature park in China.

Her lawful triumph carried worldwide popularity to the orangutan and set a trend for orangutans to be legitimately regarded individuals as opposed to property.

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