More than 100 Dead in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh Flood Chaos

More than 100 Dead in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh Flood Chaos

More than individuals have passed on because of flood brought by heavy rainfall in the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, authorities informed. Pictures of the effect of rising water on urban life have been coming out of the affected zones.

Railway traffic, vehicular movement, human services administrations, schools, and power supply have been upset in the two states, authorities said. An Uttar Pradesh government report said 93 individuals have died since Thursday.

The number of deaths in Bihar is 29, as indicated by the disaster management authority. The effect on its main city, Patna, has been grabbing the headlines. Individuals are navigating the primary streets – which are specked with deserted and incompletely submerged vehicles – by boats.

A video of a man battling to haul his cycle-rickshaw out of rising water has flowed broadly via social networking media. The city has been deluged with rainfall since Friday, submerging numerous local areas.

The state government has approached the Indian Air Force for helicopters and machines to pump out water.

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