Tourists Must Pay $1,000 to Enter the Indonesian Island of Komodo

Tourists Must Pay $1,000 to Enter the Indonesian Island of Komodo

The Indonesian island of Komodo, home to the Komodo dragon, won’t be shut to visitors next year – however, a $1,000 membership plan will be presented, the specialists have said. It inverts a July declaration that the island would shut in January to secure the dragons and their natural surroundings.

It was because of re-open following a year – yet the legislature has now said a membership plan will be presented. As of now, travelers pay around $10 (£8) to enter the island.

In 2018, 176,000 individuals visited Komodo, up from 44,000 individuals in 2008. In July, the local representative said the island should have been shut to prevent the travel industry from meddling in the mating and hatching procedures of the komodo dragons.

On Monday, the ministry of environment and local governor that the island would not close, and that a membership framework will currently be presented, at an expense of $1,000.

Conservation endeavors to ensure the dragons will be expanded and the 2,000 occupants of Komodo – who might have been moved for a year – will also be permitted to stay.

State news office Antara said there would be two membership levels. Premium individuals will be permitted to visit Komodo island, while non-premium individuals will have the option to visit different islands in the Komodo national park, where the dragons also live.

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