Seven People Dead as World War II Plane Crashed in the US

Seven People Dead as World War II Plane Crashed in the US

Seven individuals were killed when a World War II plane carrying 13 travelers and team crashed at an air terminal in the northeastern US state of Connecticut on Wednesday, local media detailed.

The Boeing B-17 flying machine, which the US Air Force conveyed against Germany and Japan, smashed at Bradley International Airport while attempting to arrive around 10:00 am (1400 GMT).

Ten travelers and three crew members were on the airplane, which was worked by the Collings Foundation, a group catering to avionics buffs who pay to encounter vintage planes, authorities said.

A support official dealing with the ground was likewise harmed, Rovella included.

Local media later referred to authorities as saying that the accident left seven dead and nine injured, including three individuals who were on the ground at the time.

It was not promptly clear what caused the accident.

As per selections of a cockpit discussion revealed by a few news outlets, the pilot had approached the control tower for authorization for an emergency landing because of engine issues.

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