Hundreds of Summer Records Have Broken During Summer This Year

Hundreds of Summer Records Have Broken During Summer This Year

Nearly 400 record-breaking high temperatures were set in the northern hemisphere over the mid-year, as per a study of temperature records.

The records were broken in 29 nations for the period from 1 May to 30 August this year. 33% of the unsurpassed high temperatures were in Germany, trailed by France and the Netherlands.

The study was completed by the California-based climate institute Berkeley Earth.

Over the late spring, there were 1,200 occasions of spots in the northern half of the globe is the most blazing they’d at any point been in a given month.

Heatwaves in Europe in June and July sent temperatures taking off, crushing various nearby and national records.

France set an unequaled high-temperature of 46C, while the UK, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands additionally revealed new highs.

The degree of the hot spells on the mainland is unmistakably noticeable when taking a look at a breakdown of when the most temperature records were broken. In late July, all-time temperature records were set in various European nations including the UK.

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