Greece Announced a Campaign to Tackle Plastic Pollution

Greece Announced a Campaign to Tackle Plastic Pollution

The Greek government reported a campaign on Wednesday to handle pollution from plastics and vowed to totally ban single-use plastics by June of 2021. Greek Environment Minister additionally said that the EU Commission’s order to ban single-use plastics by July of 2021 would be immediately joined into Greek law.

Hatzidakis, who called a partnership between the state, private division, NGOs and natives, said he sought after “a steady stop” of single-use plastics by 2020, one year before the EU boycott.

The Environment Minister additionally declared an arrangement to coordinate with the A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation, a private environmental group, with an end goal to battle plastic waste and litter.

As indicated by an ongoing report by the environmental group WWF, Greece creates an astounding 700,000 tons of plastic waste yearly – 68 kilos for each individual – with exactly 11,500 tons of that by one way or another discovering their way into Greek oceans. It was assessed in 2016 that every Greek occupant utilizes around 300 plastic packs each year.

The report additionally found that Greece has low degrees of separate collection, which likewise means low resident engagement.

Half of all waste collected for reusing in alleged “blue” containers in Greece is sullied by non-recyclables, while punishments for inappropriate waste sorting either don’t exist or are not upheld.

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