Indiana Woman Found Dead With Her Pet Python Wrapped Around Her Neck

Indiana Woman Found Dead With Her Pet Python Wrapped Around Her Neck

A lady has been found dead in the US territory of Indiana with an 8ft (2.4m) reticulated python covering over her neck. Laura Hurst, 36, was discovered inert after police were called to a property in the town of Oxford.

There were 140 snakes inside the house, which is accepted to be specially used to house these snacks. Around 20 of the snakes had a place with Ms. Hurst, who visited the property two times every week.

The house allegedly has a place with Benton County Sheriff Don Munson, who lives nearby. He said he discovered Ms. Hurst on the floor, local paper the Journal and Courier revealed.

He told the paper that Ms. Hurst’s death was a “terrible accident.”

Indiana State Police Sgt Kim Riley said the individual who discovered Ms. Hurst had the option to expel the reticulated python from her neck, however, emergency services couldn’t revive her. Ms. Hurst, who originated from Battle Ground, was at the housekeeping an eye on her snakes.

She obviously got the snake out and she was doing what individuals do with snakes.

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