Thousands of Rare Ice Eggs Found on Finland Beach

Thousands of Rare Ice Eggs Found on Finland Beach

A rare collection of “ice eggs” has been seen in Finland, a phenomenon specialists state just happens in profoundly specific conditions.

Risto Mattila, who clicked the pictures of these eggs, said he and his wife were strolling along Marjaniemi seashore on Hailuoto island on Sunday when they went over these cold eggs covering a 30-meter (98ft) breadth of shoreline.

Most of the eggs were about the size of a football, said Mattila, an amateur picture taker. It was an astounding perspective. He has never observed this wonder.

Jouni Vainio, an ice pro at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, said the event was not normal, however, it could occur about once every year in the correct climate conditions.

Autumn is the ideal time to see the marvel, as per Dr. James Carter, emeritus teacher of topography geography at Illinois State University, as this is when ice begins to frame on the outside of water, making a type of slush when moved by waves.

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