Venice Floods: Italy to Declare Emergency Over the Damage Caused

Venice Floods_ Italy to Declare Emergency Over the Damage Caused

Italy has proclaimed a highly sensitive situation in Venice after the Italian city was engulfed by 1.87m (6ft) high water levels, flooding its memorable basilica and cutting power to homes. Over 80% of the city, a Unesco world heritage site, was submerged when tides were at their highest.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte portrayed the flooding as “a blow to the heart of our country.”

He said the administration would now act rapidly to give assets and funds.

He said the government would “quicken” the structure of structural defense for the lagoon city, alluding explicitly to the supposed Mose venture – a hydraulic barrier system to close off the lagoon in case of rising ocean levels and winter storms.

The Minister said he was calling crisis gauges on Thursday, including that people could guarantee up to €5,000 (£4,300; $5,500), and organizations up to €20,000, in pay.

Numerous museums stayed closed on Thursday, AFP reports. It comes as Venetians woke to alarms demonstrating that the tide would stay high in the coming days.

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