Philippines Plane Engine Spews Flames, Makes Emergency Landing

Philippines Plane Engine Spews Flames, Makes Emergency Landing

The terrifying video indicated the minute a trans-oceanic flight’s motor detonated over the Pacific, as loud as gunfire like blasts filled its cabin. The Philippine Airlines trip to Manila encountered an absolute motor disappointment not long after take-off from Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday morning. Video shot from inside the cabin shows enormous orange flames shooting from one of the fly’s motors, with the Pacific visible below.

Traveler Adam Taylor from Long Beach likewise caught the flares lighting up baby girl Maddie’s face. He started taping to catch Maddie’s response to the plane taking off, however, he ended up recording something undeniably more sinister.

Authorities said there was no noticeable dynamic fire upon the plane arrival. One traveler told the news station that they heard “four enormous blasts” directly after departure. The right side, inside side motor, exploded and was on flames, the traveler said. Travelers were allegedly shouting and crying inside the plane before they landed and were moved to another flight. No serious injuries were accounted for. Philippine Airlines has not commented openly on the issue.

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