Black Friday Backlash: Activists in France Put on a Protest Against Amazon

Black Friday Backlash: Activists in France Put on a Protest Against Amazon

Activists over France have organized Black Friday protest against Amazon, discrediting commercialization and its effect on the earth. Many protestors assembled outside the organization’s French headquarters in Clichy, north of Paris.

Protestors also attempted to blockade a mall in Paris and a logistics center close to the eastern city of Lyon. In the video from Lyon riot police can be seen hauling activists away.

The protest meant to disturb Black Friday, a discount shopping day that activists have accused of ecological harm. Accordingly, Amazon told that it regarded the privilege to dissent yet couldn’t help contradicting “the activities of these people”.

Protest against Amazon emitted in other European nations, including Germany, where workers from six distribution put on a walkout over pay and conditions.

Some French officials need to boycott Black Friday after its natural effect, and Environment Minister Elisabeth Borne has cautioned against the “consumption frenzy” connected to the occasion.

The shopping day started in the US on Friday after Thanksgiving however it recently spread to different nations.

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