Australia Endures Its Hottest Day on Record Recently

Australia Endures Its Hottest Day on Record Recently

Australia has encountered its hottest day on record with the national normal temperature reaching a high of 40.9C (105.6F).

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said “extensive” heat on Tuesday exceeded the past record of 40.3C set on 7 January 2013. Taking the normal of hottest temperatures the nation over is the most precise measure of a heatwave.

The record comes as the country fights an extreme drought and bushfire emergency. Forecasters had anticipated the most exceptional heat would come later in the week, which means the record could be broken once more.

As many fires rage, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been criticized for his reaction to the natural disasters and his government’s atmosphere policies.

Australia heated up this week as a mass of hot air swept east over the continent, with meteorologists estimating “severe to extreme heatwave conditions.”

A few individuals heat records for towns and urban areas have just been broken. On Tuesday, it puts the country’s center recorded temperatures above 45C.

Toward the beginning of the week, Perth, the capital of Western Australia, recorded three days straight above 40C – a record for December.

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