Passengers Halt Tram After Driver Passes Out in Germany

Passengers Halt Tram After Driver Passes Out in Germany

Passengers who figured out how to bring a speeding tram to a stop in Germany after the driver endured a health-related crisis have been hailed as heroes.

Panic spread through the tram on Sunday as it sped through stations towards the western city of Bonn. Two men found their way into the cabin of the driver, who was unresponsive.

A lady called the transport company for guidelines and the travelers carried the tram to a stop. Preceding breaking into the cabin, alarmed travelers called the police and the crisis brake lever failed to stop the vehicle. The incident occurred at around 01:00 local time (00:00 GMT).

The local transport operator SWB has defended himself as investigators explore the incident. The organization said the emergency brake lever doesn’t quickly stop the vehicle, however, alerts the driver who would then be able to speak with travelers and stop the tram.

The driver is recovering in the medical clinic while the men who halted the tram got minor injuries.

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