Astronomers Warn of Threat to the View of the Universe

Astronomers Warn of Threat to the View of the Universe

Astronomers are warning that their view of the Universe could be under risk.
From one week from now, a campaign to launch a number of new satellites will start earnest, offering fast web access from space.

Be that as it may, the first flees of these space shuttles, which have just been sent into space by US organization SpaceX, are affecting pictures of the night sky.

They are showing up as splendid white streaks, so stunning that they are in competition with the stars.

Researchers are worried that the future “mega-constellations” of satellites could cloud pictures from optical telescopes and meddle with radio astronomy observations.

The organizations included said they were working with space experts to limit the effect of the satellites.

It’s about rapid web access. Rather than being compelled by wires and links, satellites can beam web access to the Earth from space.

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