Man Fined For Throwing ‘Good Luck’ Coins into a Plane’s Engine

Man Fined For Throwing ‘Good Luck’ Coins into a Plane’s Engine

A Chinese man who was flying the first time has been fined for tossing “good luck” coins into a plane’s engine. The 28-year-old was requested to pay $17,200 (£13,100) in remuneration to the airline – called Lucky Air.

The plane was grounded after the coins were found close to one of its engines. Lu Chao accepted tossing the coins as he boarded an interior flight at Anqing Tianzhushan Airport in eastern China in February 2019.

He showed up in court in July yet the decision was recently made public. The flight was canceled after staff spotted two 1 yuan coins on the ground close to one of the plane’s fly engines.

Safety checks were carried out, leaving travelers stranded while substitution flights were arranged. Mr. Lu was kept by police for 10 days, accused of disturbing public order, yet was made to pay remuneration by a civil case.

In court, Lucky Air said the episode had cost it more than $17,600.

Mr. Lu argued in court that the airline ought to have cautioned travelers not to toss coins at planes. It’s not the first time through superstitious travelers have been found tossing coins at plane motors.

There have been various such cases, including an older traveler who delayed a flight in 2017.

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