Virgin Galactic Continues to Work on SpaceShipTwo Vehicles

Virgin Galactic Continues to Work on SpaceShipTwo Vehicles

Virgin Galactic is progressing in the improvement of its next SpaceShipTwo suborbital spaceplane, despite the fact that the organization is revealing little about when its current SpaceShipTwo will be prepared to resume experimental drills.

Recently, Virgin Galactic announced that the following SpaceShipTwo vehicle accomplished an achievement called “weight on wheels,” where the vehicle supported itself exclusively using its landing gear.

The organization said that this vehicle came to the “weight on wheels” phase of finishing “considerably faster” than for the last vehicle, VSS Unity, in spite of the fact that it didn’t measure how much quicker the production went. The organization credited the quicker production to “a more efficient, modular assembly process, as well as experience curve benefits.”

The new SpaceShipTwo still has extensive work ahead of it before it is prepared for flight tests. Virgin said that upcoming work incorporates associating the vehicle’s coordinated frameworks and finishing “final structural closeouts,” trailed by ground tests. The organization didn’t unveil a schedule for finishing the vehicle or beginning flight tests.

The organization’s update about the new SpaceShipTwo vehicle said nothing regarding the status of VSS Unity. That vehicle made its last suborbital practice run in February 2019, after which the organization said it would then outfit the shuttle’s cabin for business flights and make different updates.

An organization representative said Jan. 8 that the organization was chipping away at plans to move VSS Unity to New Mexico, yet didn’t reveal a date. Whitesides, in a Jan. 9 interviews, said the vehicle would move to New Mexico “pretty soon.”

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