US NASA Budget Request Could Help in Big Changes for Mars Missions

US NASA Budget Request Could Help in Big Changes for Mars Missions

If President Donald Trump’s budget becomes reality, NASA may need to rearrange some Red Planet missions, including building up another Mars Ice Mapper. Trump and his organization sent Congress a budget for the 2021 financial year in February.

In its fine print, the Trump organization’s 2021 budget incorporated a couple of significant potential changes to NASA’s Mars automated investigation program. It proposes decreasing funding for the 2001 Mars Odyssey and Curiosity programs so radically that these missions would basically end, and it presents another Mars Ice Mapper orbital mission for the organization to consider.

NASA initiative examined the budget, which commences the yearly budget and spreads out the organization’s needs, during a digital town hall hung on March 20. However, the solicitation is only that, and Congress is liable for deciding final funding portions.

Also, he stated, the request includes some “funding openings” that NASA’s science network would rapidly perceive. A few of those were featured in the requested synopsis, such as dropping two Earth science missions and the WFIRST astrophysics telescope. However, If the entirety of the request’s recommendations is held in the last 2021 budget plans, Mars science will see huge changes in the coming years.

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