SpaceX Faces Problem Just Before Crew Dragon Parachute Test

SpaceX Faces Problem Just Before Crew Dragon Parachute Test

SpaceX simply encountered a problem in the lead-up to its first run flight.

The California-based organization pulled a test article of its Crew Dragon capsule skyward with a helicopter on Tuesday (March 24), to help validate the vehicle’s parachute framework ahead of the historic Demo-2 mission.

Demo-2, which is now planned to launch in mid-to-late May, will convey NASA space explorers Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station (ISS). It will be the first crewed orbital trip to launch from U.S. soil since NASA’s space transport army resigned in July 2011. However, the parachutes never got an opportunity to show their stuff.

SpaceX has been creating Crew Dragon under numerous NASA contracts, the latest of which, a $2.6 billion arrangement, was reported in September 2014. NASA signed a comparable, $4.2 billion arrangement with Boeing at the same time to complete work on its group capsule, called CST-100 Starliner.

Yesterday’s oddity was the second in seven days that could influence the timing of Demo-2. The other included a Falcon 9 rocket, the workhorse SpaceX promoter that launches Crew Dragon. On March 18, one of the nine motors on a Falcon 9 first platform endured an issue during the launch of 60 of the organization’s Starlink web satellites. The rocket figured out how to carry the satellites to orbit fine; the Falcon 9 is intended to defeat engine failures, SpaceX organizer and CEO Elon Musk informed.

However, SpaceX won’t launch another Falcon 9 preceding leading an oddity examination, Musk said. Also, NASA is taking part in that examination.

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