Boeing to Launch a 2nd Uncrewed Test Flight of its Starliner Spacecraft

Boeing to Launch a 2nd Uncrewed Test Flight of its Starliner Spacecraft

Boeing will take another crack at an uncrewed rendezvous with the International Space Station (ISS).

In December 2019, the organization launched its CST-100 Starliner container to the ISS on an uncrewed demonstration mission Orbital Flight Test (OFT), which was planned to show that the shuttle can securely convey NASA space explorers.

Be that as it may, things didn’t go as arranged: Starliner endured a glitch with its onboard timing framework, got stranded in an inappropriate orbit and was brought down for protection arriving after hovering Earth without anything else for two days.

Investigations of OFT information accordingly uncovered a few genuine programming issues. All things considered, it stayed indistinct in the case of Boeing would launch another OFT or continue legitimately to the following period of Starliner vetting, a crewed test flight to the ISS.

We presently have an answer. It doesn’t show when the second OFT will lift off.

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