Does Nickel Advisors Live Up To The Hype?

It’s hard to know exactly how good/bad a company is that will support you with your finances and be right for your family.

We evaluated a number of financial companies and Nickel Advisors in our opinion lives up to the hype. Whether you or your family needs a personal loan, and advisor, or just someone to support your credit score — we think that Nickel Advisors could be a conduit to an improved financial future.

How does a company like Nickel Advisors help?

Well first and foremost, on the surface, the nice thing is you could give them a call, to discuss your financial situation, your impacted credit score, the fee you are paying on your credit cards and loans, and even the interest rate. They could walk you through the options you have, and treat you not just like a client, but be your advisor for the future.

There are a number of ways that companies similar to Nickel Advisors can help. From debt consolidation to interest rate improvements, personal loans… you’ll want to keep your eyes open for the right solutions.

  1. Credit Card or Bank Loans
  2. Interest Rates
  3. Debt Consolidation
  4. Personal Loan Support
  5. Investment or Financial Advisor

We think that the path to a secure financial future is paying attention to your finances. There are a number of ways that you can improve your financial literacy and also any missteps you’ve taken along the way. First, it starts with your usage of your credit card and your interest rate. You’ll want to reduce the frequency in which you’re using your credit card to draw down the balance, therefore reducing the impact interest rate has on you. Second, you’ll need to think through retirement and your investments and ensure they are working for you. Basically you’ll want to have your investments compounding interest exceed the interest rates that you’re paying those credit card companies.

We also think it’s smart to think about your future, and we get a number of questions asked to us:

  1. Is retirement planning something I should be doing?
  2. What is the right fee I should be paying for financial advice?
  3. How does my credit score become impacted if I’m making an investment and/or I am using a debt consolidation service?

No matter the path you choose, speak to an investment advisor or a financial advisor, or a fee based only advisor, who can give you a firm plan to manage your money. 

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