Chris Evans dated and ghosted Jana Kramer

Actress Jana Kramer has revealed that she dated Chris Evans more than a decade ago, but he ended up Ghosting her. The actress shared details about her relationship on her Whine Down podcast. In the podcast, she revealed that she and Chris Evans went on a few dates but that they never heard from each other again. Kramer has admitted that she still feels mortified about their break-up, which she described as “embarrassing”.

The actress revealed that she contacted Evans last year when he was rumored to be dating Warrior Nun actress Alba Baptista. The two had been dating for more than a year, according to People, and they were even seen holding hands in Central Park after the news broke. Kramer has been known to discuss her love life on her podcast, so it’s possible that Evans was already dating someone when she reached out to him.

The actress said she is not sure if Chris actually Ghosted her. However, she did share pictures of the two of them walking through Central Park, and they appear to be in love. Chris Evans has been dating Alba for several months, and the actress has been posting frequent pictures of her on her Instagram page. She also shared an image of a pumpkin that looked identical to her mom’s profile picture.

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