Polo Funding Is Here To Help

Americans Owe Billions: Are Companies Like Polo Funding Trying To Help Us?

In December Nerd Wallet said that Americans owe $413.7 billion in combined credit card debt. That was in December. By June of this year, that total has climbed to $922 billion. This second... Read more »

Low Interest Credit Cards Re-Imagined

Usually there are several options for low interest credit cards.  If you have lots and plenty of credit card debt, you probably know that the interest rates will make some payment plan... Read more »

Jackson Funding Debt Consolidation Reviews (August 2020)

Finding a debt consolidation company is never an easy feat and something we feel is challenging given the current financial climate.  We suggest exploring options and reviews of Jackson Funding There are... Read more »

Braidwood Capital and Assistance Programs (2020)

Starting a business is what many people strive for, but if you’re drowning in debt, it can be hard to get the funding you need. Even if you’re planning on solely financing... Read more »

Braidwood Capital (Updated August 14th) An honest review

Update: August 14th, 2020 – We’re seeing some different type of reviews and wanted to share an update including this one, and wanted to share it! Choosing a debt consolidation company is... Read more »
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