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      44+ Years

      in Business

      USD 2.3B+

      Returned to Investors

      95,000 Investors


      93,000+ Acres

      of Land

      Coastal Morning Star provides a comprehensive U.S. land investment solution, collaborating with publicly traded homebuilders. Our focus is on achieving an IRR of 12 – 15% per annum, accompanied by annual cash flow distributions to our investors.
      Aim to Achieve IRR of 12 – 15% p.a. with Annual Cash Flow for Investors.

      Our Strategy

      Essentials of Land Investment

      Continuously, U.S. home builders and developers seek land to enrich their development plans. Coastal Morning Star procures land in the preliminary stage – pre-development – among the four phases in the real estate cycle. This secures land to fill a builder's pipeline until the optimal moment for constructing and selling homes emerges. The duration from land acquisition to the initiation of home development by the builder generates an alternate investment potential, offering portfolio diversification and appealing returns for investors.

      Acquiring Land in the Pre-Development Phase 01
      Land Entitlements and Lot Development 02
      Construction of Homes 03
      Selling Homes within an Established Community 04

      Our Activities

      Our Business

      Our Activities

      Our Business

      Strategically Oriented Pre-Development Land Investments

      Coastal Morning Star offers investors a diverse range of land prospects across expansive North American regions. These prospects encompass various property categories, ranging from single and multi-family residential to commercial and industrial, all primed for future development.

      EB-5 Immigrant
      Investor Initiative

      Operating under a distinct program, Coastal Morning Star's American Investor Immigration (WAII) offers a pathway for qualified Immigrant Investors to attain lawful permanent residency in United States. The initiative extends U.S. immigration services across over 30 countries, encompassing temporary residence permits, permanent residency, and eventual citizenship.

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      EB-5 Immigrant
      Investor Initiative

      Operating under a distinct program, Coastal Morning Star's American Investor Immigration (WAII) offers a pathway for qualified Immigrant Investors to attain lawful permanent residency in United States. The initiative extends United States immigration services across over 30 countries, encompassing temporary residence permits, permanent residency, and eventual citizenship.

      Reasons to Select Us

      Our Edge in
      the Market

      Leading Land Asset

      With a history spanning more than 44 years, Coastal Morning Star has been instrumental in providing avenues for institutional and private investors to enhance their wealth by offering access to pre-development land investments.

      Varied Asset

      Coastal Morning Star oversees land assets across 30 of the most rapidly expanding areas in United States and the Canada. This enables investors to diversify their investment portfolios by incorporating geographical and asset-class variety into their land holdings.

      Local Presence and
      Regional Proficiency

      At Coastal Morning Star, we have a dedicated team of experts who possess in-depth knowledge of each of the 30 regions where we oversee and supervise land assets. Our investors can rely on a skilled team that manages their investments comprehensively, from acquisition to eventual divestment.

      Strong Financial Institution Partnerships

      Coastal Morning Star possesses the capacity to identify and design prospects concerning pre-development land and land development initiatives tailored for institutional investors, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals. In 2022, we proudly unveiled strategic collaborations with two esteemed firms – Fortress Investment Group LLC and Rockpoint Group.

      Partnerships with Builders and Developers

      Throughout its history, Coastal Morning Star has cultivated robust alliances with both nationwide and local home builders. We maintain frequent and regular communication with these builders, offering them access to land prospects while understanding their land requirements. Presently, Coastal Morning Star boasts close affiliations with 11 of the leading 20 homebuilders in United.

      Flow of Pre-Development
      Land Holdings

      Coastal Morning Star effectively manages an uninterrupted stream of land assets in highly sought-after burgeoning markets throughout United States. Prior to land acquisition, we identify home builders who express interest in purchasing the land when it's required for home development.

      Our Holdings

      Land Holdings Across 30 Metros and Regions

      Every parcel of land possesses unique qualities. Our unparalleled expertise in land acquisition and administration empowers us to identify land that aligns with the desires and requirements of builders and developers. Our assessment procedure commences within rapidly expanding metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and regions, utilizing crucial criteria such as growth trajectories, economic advancements, and market tendencies.

      Our Achievements


      Starting from 2005, Coastal Morning Star has procured over 93,000 acres of land in some of the most rapidly expanding regions across United States. So far, we have effectively executed land transactions with over 40 homebuilders and developers.

      Carothers Crossing

      Denver, Colorado

      Silver Peaks

      Denver, Colorado

      Bonterra Village

      Charlotte, North Carolina

      Red Oak Crossing

      Dallas, Texas

      Canter Creek

      Washington D.C., Maryland

      Chisholm Trail Ranch

      Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

      Greenway Trails

      Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

      Harmony Hills

      Atlanta, Georgia

      Ridgewood Lakes Development

      Orlando, Florida


      Phoenix, Arizona

      Westphalia Town Center

      Washington D.C., Maryland

      Yargo Township

      Atlanta, Georgia

      I have been extremely satisfied with the consistent and punctual cash flow produced by the Coastal Morning Star Westphalia Loan product. I would wholeheartedly endorse this investment approach to individuals seeking steady returns over the medium to long run.

      – George Forrai (Former Partner at an international law firm)

      Having experienced contentment with the outcomes of the three initial projects I invested in, I have opted to reinvest in a greater number of Coastal Morning Star's projects. My objective is to continue receiving consistent returns from subsequent exits.

      – Richard Sheridan

      Being a client of Coastal Morning Star International for more than a decade, I have consistently witnessed favourable financial outcomes, coupled with exceptional customer assistance from Timothy and his team. I have personally endorsed Coastal Morning Star International to friends and associates before, and I intend to uphold this practice in the future.

      – Don Schlegel

      We are enthusiastic to initiate the initial phase of Spring Hills and to further nurture our collaboration with Coastal Morning Star Global.

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      EB-5 Immigrant
      Investor Initiative

      Operated through a distinct business division, Coastal Morning Star's American Investor Immigration (WAII) offers a pathway for qualifying Immigrant Investors to attain lawful permanent residency in United States through involvement in development projects located within the country.

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      Commonly Asked

      The minimum investment sum for EFPDLI stands at USD $50,000.

      Investors need to be 18 years or older and should not be residing in United States at the time of making the investment. However, due to the ongoing Russia/Ukraine crisis, we regret to inform you that we are temporarily unable to accept applications from residents of Russia until further notice.

      EFPDL is organized as an Undivided 'Tenancy-in-Common' Interest (UDI). UDIs signify direct ownership of the property. The Freehold Title of the UDI is registered within the appropriate land registry or governmental establishment of the specific jurisdiction where the Property is situated. Additionally, a Title Insurance policy is procured, with the landowner being named as the beneficiary.

      No, EFPDLI does not meet the eligibility criteria outlined by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for immigration or visa rights. However, Coastal Morning Star presents an immigration program catering to EB-1A, EB-2, and EB-5 applicants under Coastal Morning Star United States Investor Immigration (CAII). To acquire further information, please get in touch with us.

      Indeed, we are equipped to receive applications and associated paperwork through both online and physical channels.

      While Coastal Morning Star maintains connections with a multitude of the leading 30 homebuilders in United States, our most substantial affiliations are with the top 2 homebuilders. These entities procure land from us, either in bulk or phased fashion, contingent upon project particulars. Our ability to generate returns on investments stems from the sale of land assets to these homebuilders.

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